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Gran Turismo 5 is the fifth edition of the Gran Turismo racing simulator series. Developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

For the first time in the main series, an online mode will be available in the game, with 16 player capability. A damage model has been confirmed with variations of damage depending on whether the vehicle is "standard" or "premium". The game will feature 20 different locations and 70 different tracks. Night racing will make a reappearance for GT5, but it's not clear how many circuits will be able to be raced on at night.

A detailed damage model has been confirmed with variations of damage depending on whether the vehicle is "standard" or "premium". Weather effects are confirmed to b ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 1754 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

OMG! This game is awsome, scary and buggy, welcome to another Latounga Review!

This game is just awsome, it´s an perfect combination of all fps games out there: HL2+CoD+Wolfenstein = Singularity.
This game is great and the story is fresh and new, I played this game and I think that it beats Wolfenstein (2009), but this game have some problems.
And here we goooo!


This game takes place on a Island called Katorga12, this Island was important to the Russians in the past for experiments with an element called E99. They tried to use the E99 for time travelling, but, one day something bad happened. Now in 2010 you are an US Soldier making an patrol to that Island in a chopper, but an EMP Blast make you crash. You wake up ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 4088 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (5)

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Get it now!
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Fallout: New Vegas begins with a bang, leaving you shot in the head and left for dead in a shallow grave. But luck is on your side that night in the post-apocalyptic New West. You survive, thanks to a mysteriously chivalrous robot and a nearby town doctor. Tracking down the men who tried to kill you is just the beginning of the mystery. Before long, you'll find yourself drawn into a war over the future of the Mojave Desert and control over the Las Vegas strip.

There are several factions vying for control of the desert wasteland. Mr. House rules the Vegas strip. With his army of security robots, he calls the shots and maintains control over the casinos and dens of sin. The NCR (New California Republic) is a military faction, attempting to maintain law and order with their stockpile of pre-war weapons and supplies. And then, there's Ceasar's Le ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 2887 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

Overshadowed by the big three sequels this fall -- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Half-Life 2, and Halo 2 -- the world's best selling game in 2003 really isn't something that should be ignored. Electronic Arts' Need for Speed Underground 2 is a huge makeover, improving on every aspect of last year's version by building an impressive level of depth in every facet of play.

An arcade racer by nature, NFSU2 expands into many new territories with a deep, complex progression system. It builds out an impressive customization mode, lacking in last year's model, and furthers its reach into America's trendy import tuner culture with the appropriate d ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 47104 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (7)

Developers of racing games received a new injection of life and purpose in the last two years. The growing popularity of street racing and modding has flourished in the popular culture, while Criterion's Burnout series has blazed a path all its own, bringing arcade racing back to its pre-Gran Turismo glory days. The Need for Speed series has never clung to a particular aspect of pop culture like Rockstar's Midnight Club or a particular car like Sega's Ferrari 360, but the long-time series struck gold with its light implementation of modding with Need for Speed Underground, selling more units worldwide than any game in 2003 with 7.5 million. Need for Speed Most Wanted continues the street culture thing, but EA's Canadian development team has mined one of the better iterations of the series, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, fusing both rudiment ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 42059 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (6)

After Need for Speed Underground outsold all other games in 2004, the largest independent game publisher in the world adroitly kept the series coming without a hitch. Last year's Most Wanted shipped at Microsoft's Xbox 360 launch and introduced a creative take on story-telling by using filtered customized FMV to give the familiar racer a fresh presentation. The police were back with a ferocious vengeance. And it offered a particularly North-West vibe to it.

This year's version, Need for Speed Carbon, which refers to Carbon Canyon where racers duel for territory in the city below, is a minor shake-up for the series, shifting in new features, shifting out others, while continuing the FMV-heavy story-te ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 2093 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

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