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This game is the one of the best games ever created. I know that this game is old but it´s awsome!

Hello, this is my first review for this site, I was making reviews for Facepunch on free threads in General Games Discussion. Well, let´s start.
 This is an Huge game, it´s an classic that I play in the present, and the multi-player and the story are great, this game is not for Doom, Battlefield or CoD fans, sorry for saying this but it´s true, some fans of this games don´t like Halo, I like those 4 games. 
This is my first time making an review for this site, so I am going to make an different review, but I am direct and I will tell everything about the games that I am making the review (But I won´t tell the story)

		<!-- ... Read more »

Category: LaTOUNGa's Zone | Views: 1904 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

The great vaporware saga of Duke Nukem looks to be coming to a close. At PAX this morning, 2K and Gearbox turned gamers loose on the first stage of Duke Nukem Forever. Let me repeat that for the non-believers: Duke Nukem Forever is real and it is an actual playable game. I half-expect to now to see Sasquatch walking down Pike Street in downtown Seattle.

Before getting hands-on time with Duke Nukem Forever, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford talked to us about how the developer became a part of the Duke saga. After some persuasion, Gearbox was offered the keys to the beleaguered game (it has existed in one form or another for over a decade) and Pitchford jumped at the chance. "To us, it felt like D ... Read more »

Category: Previews | Views: 1981 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

Hello again, this is my Review for Halo Reach, one of the best games out there for Xbox 360!
First of all, this is the best Halo Game ever created, it is an sequel to the first game Halo Combat Evolved. This game is very good and It´s one of the best games of 2010.
This game is nothing like CoD or any other FPS, it´s much more. Welcome to my Review starting right........ now!


The story of Halo Reach it´s Great, This game have it´s own power of having an very good story and an awsome multiplayer. The bad thing is that this game is a little "heavy" for Xbox360, but you won´t notice that because this is awsome an game. The story is simple, defend Reach and kill the Alien ... Read more »

Category: LaTOUNGa's Zone | Views: 2099 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

Wellcome to my review, today we are going to talk about Kane & Lynch 2. This game is not all that bad, but it isn´t that good.


The story in this game is good, but it is so bad in the end that you will ask to yourself: "was this the ending?".
The story is very strong and violent. I will not spoil nothing more of the game, but this game is very short, 4 hours and it´s done. The story is good, and the first part it´s an huge blast, but the story isn´t that good when it reaches the end.


I really like that camera, it´s so good that you think that you are in an movie, they fixed the cov ... Read more »

Category: LaTOUNGa's Zone | Views: 2061 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

There was a time when James Bond was all about the finer things in life; about supping Martinis as he watches the sun set on the Monaco harbour, or of bedding improbably named and impossibly beautiful ladies. Since Daniel Craig's taken on the role, though, it seems he likes nothing more than cracking skulls against door frames and crushing the necks of construction workers with his python-thick thighs.

So it's this brutal blend of combat that's front and centre of James Bond 007: Blood Stone, Bizarre and Activision's game that has Craig reprising his turn as the secret agent. It's certainly the foremost part of the all-new demo th ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 2369 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

Mafia II is upon us and ushering in a new era of wise guys and made men. If you've been waiting for this one, there is good news – the game is fun. Having shootouts in bars while bottles explode and glass flies, finding a mob hacking your friend to death, and going to brothels are all great times. Still, those moments aren't the entire game, and the accompanying parts hurt the whole.

Mafia II casts you as Vito Scaletta, a young Italian who returns from World War II to find his mother and sister on the hook to a loan shark. Like any gangster in a gangster movie, Vito decides he doesn't want a subpar life of the slums and goes down the organized crime route to make some cash. You'll be with Vito as he whacks dudes, steals ca ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 2635 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

Big name games need big development time. The six year wait for Remedy's Alan Wake may be one extreme, but the very best games often make us wait. Conversely, when a game's turned swiftly around suspicions are raised; will it be a quick cash-in, a rushed job or something that's far from great.

So it was with Fable III – its announcement at last August's Gamescom came when many people were still chewing its predecessor over, and when Peter Molyneux later claimed that the leap from Fable II to Fable III was bigger than that between the first and second games it was hard not to take that statement with a pinch of salt.

Category: Reviews | Views: 2755 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (1)

Dead Rising 2 is good. Very good, in fact. I felt like I needed to get that out right away. See, a few weeks ago I previewed the first two days of the game, and I found a title that was chugging in spots, suffering from really long loads, and generally not performing like a game that was about to come out. I reported that Capcom said it was aware of the issues and working to fix them, but even I rolled my eyes at the idea of the company getting everything in line for launch day. Well, it's not perfect and it is rough around the edges here and there, but Dead Rising 2 is definitely a winner.

Of course, it's also a lot like the last game, so if you thought that one was a loser, you should probably proceed with caution – zombies ahead.

Category: Reviews | Views: 2821 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

For the fifth game in a series, Conflict: Denied Ops sure doesn't show any signs of evolution. This might actually be the simplest edition of the shooter franchise that developer Pivotal Games has produced, with game-play so out of date that it might as well be wearing a plaid flannel shirt and listening to Alice in Chains. But even though the action is a good decade behind the times, the game's rapid-fire pace blurs the fact that you're shooting the same bad guys over and over again. Attractive visuals feature diverse terrain spread all over the globe. Co-operative play is another highlight, which earns the game some applause all by itself, given how this shooter feature is so often asked for and so rarely delivered. So even though nothing here is going to slow down traffic--let alone stop it--such a speedy mindless shooter like this i ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 2216 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (2)

Only a year gone and Electronic Arts is already burning rubber with another Need for Speed title. Last year the publisher released Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, a fantastic racer on the PlayStation 2, but one not quite as polished on other platforms. Since developer Black Box was responsible for the slick PS2 iteration, EA recruited them to develop the next in the franchise.

Aptly titled Need for Speed Underground, it focuses on the custom kit and import car circuit. It is most commonly, and certainly not unfairly, compared to the theme featured in the popular The Fast and the Furious movies. So, it is a definite departure from the world of exotic cars and over-the-top police chases that the series was founded on. It broadens the NFS franchise, bringing a number of things to the start ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 42854 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (3)

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