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This game is the one of the best games ever created. I know that this game is old but it´s awsome!

Hello, this is my first review for this site, I was making reviews for Facepunch on free threads in General Games Discussion. Well, let´s start.
 This is an Huge game, it´s an classic that I play in the present, and the multi-player and the story are great, this game is not for Doom, Battlefield or CoD fans, sorry for saying this but it´s true, some fans of this games don´t like Halo, I like those 4 games. 
This is my first time making an review for this site, so I am going to make an different review, but I am direct and I will tell everything about the games that I am making the review (But I won´t tell the story)

		<!-- ... Read more »

Category: LaTOUNGa's Zone | Views: 1904 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

Hello again, this is my Review for Halo Reach, one of the best games out there for Xbox 360!
First of all, this is the best Halo Game ever created, it is an sequel to the first game Halo Combat Evolved. This game is very good and It´s one of the best games of 2010.
This game is nothing like CoD or any other FPS, it´s much more. Welcome to my Review starting right........ now!


The story of Halo Reach it´s Great, This game have it´s own power of having an very good story and an awsome multiplayer. The bad thing is that this game is a little "heavy" for Xbox360, but you won´t notice that because this is awsome an game. The story is simple, defend Reach and kill the Alien ... Read more »

Category: LaTOUNGa's Zone | Views: 2099 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

Wellcome to my review, today we are going to talk about Kane & Lynch 2. This game is not all that bad, but it isn´t that good.


The story in this game is good, but it is so bad in the end that you will ask to yourself: "was this the ending?".
The story is very strong and violent. I will not spoil nothing more of the game, but this game is very short, 4 hours and it´s done. The story is good, and the first part it´s an huge blast, but the story isn´t that good when it reaches the end.


I really like that camera, it´s so good that you think that you are in an movie, they fixed the cov ... Read more »

Category: LaTOUNGa's Zone | Views: 2061 | Added by: NikitaGigaX | Date: 16-11-2010 | Comments (0)

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