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WoW 3.0.9 Private Server
Hadesminion's 3.0.9 Server Creation Tutorial

(Password for the repack is MMOwned)
1)Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
2)My Repack:
3)WinRAR or 7zip
4)WoW Updated/Downgraded to 3.0.9
5)A database editor like SQLyog or Navicat

!!!!!WOW MUST BE 3.0.9 NO MORE NO LESS!!!!!

Only start if you have ALL of the items above!

Step 1

Once you have installed .NET Framework 3.5, unzip my Repack from Hell to your C:\ drive.

Step 2

Go to C:\Repack from Hell\Server and run MySQL.bat. Now go to the C:\Repack from Hell\ArcEmu and run arcemu-logonserver and then arcemu-world.

Step 3

Go to your world of warcraft folder, then edit the realmlist (usually in C:\...\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\ so it says "set realmlist" without the quotes. Now run world of warcraft.

Step 4

Log in with Username "Admin" and Password "Admin" then create a character and play!

How to create an account:

Open a database editor like SQLyog or Navicat and create a new connection with the information:

Host address: Localhost
Username: root
Password: ascent
Port: 3313

And save it then click connect. Go into Characters > Tables > Accounts now click Table Data and go under account. WHere it says null type in 15. Now under login type in your username and under password type in your password. Now go under gm and type in az. Now scroll over untill you see flags. Now type in a 24 under that. Now close world and logonserver and restart them. Now log in with your new username and password and you're done!

How to make the server public w/out Hamachi!
+++For Vista+++

1) Go to and create an account. Next click Services > Add Host services. Tick host with IP address and fill in the host name and choose the domain. Fill in your IP address with your EXTERNAL ip address usually seen right below the box OR go to

2) Press start and Right-Click notepad then click Run As Administrator. Click File > Open and go to C:\Windows\System 32\Drivers\etc and click file type > all files. Open hosts.

3) At the end of the text lines press enter so it creates a new line and put in these lines: Dynamic DNS
[Internal IP] Dynamic DNS
[External IP] Dynamic DNS

Where it says internal ip type in your internal IP (found by running cmd and executing ipconfig then looking for your ip (usually 192.168.1._). Where it says external ip type in your external ip. Where it says Dynamic DNS type in your newly created dynamic dns host name. Now save and exit.

4) Okay this is the hardest part. This is... Port Forwarding. THIS IS ONLY IF YOU ARE ON A ROUTER!!! Okay now that we have established that, here's how we will do it. Go to your router's homepage (for linksys it is and the username/password (in that format) is either admin/admin or admin/password. Now for linksys (not sure about the others) go to Applications & Gaming. There are a bunch of boxes. We will be port forwarding these ports:

3724 - 3724
80 - 80
3313 - 3313
8129 - 8129
8093 -8093
6112 - 6112
3036 - 3036
8050 -8050

How to port forward these (skip if you know how):

Type in any name for the application names, and for the start and end, go up to the ports list. The number left to the dash is the start, and the number after is the end. Once you fill in all the app names and start and ends, leave protocol to both, and fill in/complete YOUR INTERNAL IP under IP Address. Check enable after all of them, now click save settings. You're done port forwarding now!

Now open up the C:\Repack from Hell\ArcEmu\configs\arcemu-realms.conf file with notepad. Scroll down (or not) untill you see:

< p Address="">Port = "8093"
Name = "Default Logon"
RealmCount = "3">

Change to your external IP address.

Now scroll down to the realms and wherever you see or localhost change it to your external IP address. Then change your to:

set realmlist [your external ip OR dyndns hostname]

Congradulations!! Your WoW private server is now public! Just run the MySQL, logonserver, and world programs then log in to WoW. Now have your friends change their realmlists to your dyndns or YOUR external IP.

PS: My repack includes a super hearthstone, which you must right click to use. Find out what happens It also includes a GM Island mall. This repack for some reason is able to run without maps and vmaps files.

Please comment and ask any questions you have!

If enough people want it ill also edit this with a tutorial on creating custom items. Otherwiese happy emulating

This server runs on ArcEmu just type .c in game to see the commands.

How to create a Loader for all of your files:
This is mostly for users who have some computer skills, but i guess they are not needed at all really. First, Go to C:\Repack from Hell\Server\ and right click MySQL.bat and then click create shortcut. Cut and paste the shortcut to C:\Repack from Hell\Lnks (the new lnks folder will have to be created before you cut and paste). Now do the same for the Apache.bat and C:\Repack from Hell\ArcEmu logonserver AND world .exe files. Now go to your Repack from Hell folder. Right click and create a new txt document. Name it Boot.txt. [NOTE: You need to have the folder options open and change it so you can view the extensions for all files (i believe that you just uncheck hide extensions for known/unknown file type).] Now open up Boot.txt and copy then paste this text into it (yes the blablablas are necessary to make loading for MySQL continue before it opens logonserver and world):

start Lnks\MySQL
start Lnks\Logonserver
start Lnks\World
start Lnks\Apache

Now go to file and save it. Next change it from Boot.txt to Boot.bat.
Now run the Boot.bat and you're good to go!

More In-Depth Account Creation Tutorial:

How to create new accounts:

FIRST of all you need to open up SQLyog (or whatever other thing you're using) like in the tutorial, then put in the connection information (also in the tut) and save it then click connect.

NEXT you need double click characters > tables > then SINGLE click accounts. Now click table data. You will see a row with this:

14 Admin Admin [blank] az 0 [this varies][or maybe something else] etc etc...

Now below that row you will see (NULL) and a bunch of blanks. Where it says null put in a 15 and delete the null. Now you'll notice that in the row there are lines that divide everything, each box lies in a column. In the row that you just made with a 15 at the front, go under "login" and put your username. Now go to the next box under "password" and put in your password. Now skip the next box and go in the column that says "gm" and put "az". Skip untill you see the column "flags" and put a 24 in it. Now just above the rows there should be a little Save Changes icon. Click it.

Now you're done!

And with the realms not showing up, did you make the server public already or did you just do basic installation?


ROW- Basically the boxes all in a line going left and right (horizontal).

COLUMN- The up and down (vertical) lines of boxes that intersect the ROWS.

How to make the server public w/ Hamachi!


1) Download hamachi and then install it (sorry guys unless enough people ask I am NOT going to provide a link or a tutorial on installing it, use google).

2) Once downloaded open up hamachi (if it's not already open) and click the power button. Now click the little green triangle and create a new network. Fill in the info (name of your server and any desired password).

3) Remember the numbers on the top of Hamachi, that is called your Hamachi IP. Open up Arcemu-logonserver.conf and scroll down untill you see:"
ISHost = ""
RealmListPort = "3724"
ServerPort = "8093">

Change the numbers highlited in RED to YOUR HAMACHI IP. Now scroll down untill you see:

< p RemotePassword="change_me_world">AllowedIPs = ""
AllowedModIPs = "">

Change the numbers highlited in RED to your HAMACHI IP again.

4) Next open up arcemu-realms.conf. Look for this text:"
Port = "8093"
Name = "Default Logon"
RealmCount = "3">

Once again change the RED to your hamachi ip. Scroll down untill you see this (it may vary if you changed realm names):

< p Name="The Realm of Hades">Address = ""
Icon = "Normal"
Population = "1.0"
TimeZone = "1">

< p Name="i PvP'd My Pants">Address = ""
Icon = "PVP"
Population = "1.0"
TimeZone = "1">

< p Name="The Realm of Beast">Address = ""
Icon = "Normal"
Population = "1.0"
TimeZone = "1">

Once again, change the RED to your hamachi ip. Save and exit arcemu-realms.

5) Now open up arcemu-world.conf and look for:"
WorldServerPort = "8129">

And again (sigh), change the RED to your hamachi ip. Save and exit.

6) Finally, with hamachi still running, start up your server. Now go to your WoW realmlist (usually C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS[or GB]\ and change it to your hamachi ip. Start up wow and play! If you want your friends to play just tell them to download hamachi, join your hamachi network, then change their to your hamachi ip address. Done!

+++++++++Website Creation+++++++++

1) Go to C:\Repack from Hell\Server\Apache\Conf\ and open up httpd.conf with notepad. Find

LoadModule autoindex_color_module modules/
ServerAdmin admin@localhost
DocumentRoot "../htdocs"

Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
Order deny,allow
Deny from all

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Change the RED to your dynamic dns. Save and quit.

2) Go to C:\Repack from Hell\Server and run Apache.bat. Now if everything goes well it should say
"Please close this command only for shutdown [enter] Apache is running, don't close this window"

3) Now go to your web browser and type in your dynamic dns and the website should pop up. There you go!

++++++++++++Weapon and Item Tutorial+++++++++++

Go to and register for an account. Now log in after registering. Click create. Now the tutorial will branch off in two ways.


Click "Weapon", Now lets start with the tutorial.

1) Fill in the name, it can be anything you want. Go to Quote, this is not necessary, but it does add creativeness to the weapon by putting the selected text at the bottom of the weapon stats whenever you scroll over it. Choose the quality (or rarity of the item). Entry # is the number used to spawn your weapon. It must be a number that is NOT used by the game. I would use the numbers 200000+ (start with two-hundred thousand and go up from there) unless you want to search for blank #s, but who wants to do that now? Now for the display ID, which will determine what the weapon will look like. This is NOT the entry #!!!!!! To get a display id click the display id finder tool button and wait for it to pop up. Now by item name or whatever type in the name of the weapon you want it to look like. Wait for the search to finish. After it's finished you'll see a few columns. Go under Display ID in the row of the weapon you want and memorize the id, or copy it, but if you copy it you CAN NOT close the finder tool untill you paste the number. Paste or fill in the number in the display ID box. Now you can close the tool. Great you're done with the hard part!

2) Choose the equip type (where it will be equipped) and the Type (what type of weapon it is). Now go to Repair. Select Unrepairable if you want it to have infinite durability or if you want it to break permanently if the durability wears down. IF you selected unrepairable leave the durability box blank for infinite durability. If not, fill in the durability. Binds is if/when it becomes soulbound.

3) Sheath is how it sheaths (If you choose wand or ranged the item will dissapear when sheathed so enemies don't know what weapon you have!). Now DO NOT MESS WITH AMMO TYPE UNLESS YOU HAVE A RANGED WEAPON! Speed is the speed of the weapon. The HIGHER the SLOWER so be careful! Also leaving blank means 0 which is pretty fast. It is entered in milliseconds (1000 = 1.0 speed).

4) Block is for shields, so you probably won't use this unless you want your weapon to give block lol. Armor is usually just for armor, but whatever it's your weapon.

5) Required level is what level the player needs to be to equip/use it. Item level doesn't really matter. You should know what max number allowed is. Choose the classes that will be able to use it, click all if you want to let all use it. Races is just like classes. Stackable means if you put 0 or leave it blank it isn't stackable, a 20 would mean it goes in stacks of 20, 7 = stacks of seven, etc...

6) Fill in the damage min and max, and the type of damage. Item stats is something you should be able to figure out after looking at it for a few seconds. Item Resistances is just what it says, keep in mind that Armor, Block, Item Resistances, and Item Stats can all be negative.

7) Item bonuses is easy, and i won't cover the advanced mode, as there is no need for beginners to learn to do that right away, all i'll tell you is that it uses the IDs of spells for it.

8) Item sockets and socket bonuses are common to most people, but just in case you never played retail, they sockets are for gems, which increase your stats. Bonuses are for people who mach up the gems correctly to the colored slots, this does not need to be done in game.

9) Fill in the Buy and Sell prices and then click submit. But we are not done yet, here is where the fun part stops.

10) Scroll down and click download. If using this repack, go under ArcEmu and click download. Save it to a place where you will be keeping all of your items. (i use C:\Repack from Hell\Custom Items). *Sigh* This part might get a bit confusing your first time. Make sure MySQL is running from the repack and then run SQLyog and connect. I will only say how to do this with my repack. Minimize SQLyog and open up your new weapon (it will be a .SQL file) with notepad. Select all the text inside and copy it. Bring up SQLyog and single click world. Now if any text is in the white box labeled Query delete it all. Now paste the text from your weapon's .sql file in the Query box. ON the top left you should see two green arrows pointing right, click that. If it says anything about warnings or an error code that means you did something wrong, post here if you get that and don't know what you did wrong. If you don't get any errors or warnings (THEY DO NOT POP UP THEY ARE IN THE BOX BELOW THE QUERY BOX!) that means you did it right! Congrats, you're done! use .char add [entry #] to spawn it in game (after restarting your server OR typing .server reload items in game.)


Click "Mob/NPC", now lets start. (I RECOMMEND YOU FOLLOW THE WEAPON TUT FIRST!!!!)

1) The name is the mob's name, and the sub name is what appears under it. Just click the dropdown for rank and you should instantly get it. The Entry # is just like the one for the weapon tut. The ABCD under Display IDs mean that if you use multiple ones every time you place the mob it will randomly show up as one of those. Other than that it is just like the display id section for the weapon, just use the disp id finder tool.

2) Faction is basically if it's good or evil to players. For mobs use Neutral or Bad. For npcs use good. Type should be obvious too, if your making an npc leave it blank. Do the same with family as with type. Is it a civilian? Is it a boss?

3) Model size goes corresponding to its original size. 1 = Normal, 1.5 = 150%, 1.7 = 170%, etc... Leave walk run and fly speed at normal unless you know what it is. Respawn timer is how often it respawns. The Min and maxes should be obvious, but DO NOT USE VALUES TOO HIGH!

4) Speed is just like the speed on the weapon one. Although this is a bit different in one way. This is how fast the mob itself swings the weapon (math lesson- high mob speed + high wep speed = deadly mob). Mob resistances and options should be obvious. You can select as many options as you want.

5) Money is how much money it will drop when it is killed. AGAIN, DON'T USE VERY HIGH VALUES!!!

6) Leave advanced options alone and click submit. Download ArcEmu batch if your using this repack or another ArcEmu server. Now Restart the server or do a table reload in game, for a table reload you need to know which tables to reload, which you can find in the .sql file for your mob. Now spawn your mob in game and you're good to go! To spawn use .npc spawn [npc entry #]

++++++++++++++++Error Fixes+++++++++++++++++

Snocher's Error-

Problem: My realms arent showing up!
Answer: I forgot a small detail in my guide that happens to some people after they try to make their server puplic. To fix this you must open arcemu-logonserver.conf
Scroll to the bottom, you should see this:

< p RemotePassword="change_me_world">AllowedIPs = ""
AllowedModIPs = "">

Change the addresses to your external ip. Now save and exit then reload your server and try it again.

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